Sherbro International Airport (BTE)

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Airport Redevelopment Project
The redevelopment of Sherbro airport will be carried out in two stages.

The first stage of the redevelopment will be carried out by The Ministry For Transport. This first stage will be the laying of a new airport runway. This will allow safe and comfortable landings for internal domestic flights from Freetown ( Lungi ) .

Private charter airlines based at Lungi airport are expected to service Sherbro airport from Freetown.

Flights will be timed with flights landing from London Gatwick Airport. This will enable holiday makers to board connecting flights without delay.

Sherbro International Airport (BTE)
Phase 2 of the airport redevelopment project will be the construction of a world class international airport.

This of course can only be achieved once the demand for the airport has been proved by ongoing tourist growth and development.

The advantages of the new international airport speak for themselves. Employment and revenue from airport tax and retail outlets will help to sustain the airport and the island.

Tourist Investment on Sherbro Island
The Ministry for Tourism & Culture are inviteing invesment from international corporations as well as private investors.

Please contact us at the following address

Ministry for Tourism & Culture

State House


Sierra Leone